Rabid Dog in Lorena Area

McLennan County Health District
Wednesday, March 19, 2014 - 10:15am

(March 19, 2014) A case of rabies has been confirmed in a dog that became ill while in the Waco Animal Shelter and died on March 17th. The dog was picked up as a stray in Lorena at 221 S. Front St. on March 11th. It could have been infectious as early as March 6. The dog is described as 2 yr. old, female, Lab / Pyrenees Mix, White with brown streaks.

There have been no known human exposures at this time. Exposure to the Rabies virus can only be through the bite of an infectious animal or if the rabid animal’s saliva contacts a fresh, open cut on the skin or contacts a mucous membrane (as in the mouth). Petting is not considered an exposure to the virus. Anyone who feels they have had an actual exposure to the dog from March 6th through March 11 in the Lorena area or at the Waco Animal Shelter until the 17th should seek medical evaluation to determine if preventive therapy is warranted.


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