Science lesson creates Recyling Maniacs at Hillcrest PDS

Thursday, April 4, 2013 - 2:36pm

A lesson on recycling and conservation in a fourth-grade science class has prompted Hillcrest Professional Development School to begin a weekly recycling program that is turning students into recycling maniacs. To learn more about recycling, the fourth-graders invited Donald Robertson, Waco IDS Supervisor of Custodial Services, to their class to present helpful information on the topic. The students quickly realized that they could help save space in the landfill by recycling or conserving many things around their campus, and they have challenged their entire school to go green by becoming better stewards of the environment. The fourth-graders shared their new knowledge with the rest of the school and the recycling program was born.

Each classroom was given a recycle bin from the City of Waco, and every Thursday from 1 to 1:20 p.m., the fourth-grade students visit the other classrooms to conduct inspections and judge the amount of recycling in each bin. Data is collected to determine the grade level that has collected the most recycling. The students record the data on a pictograph that is displayed outside of the school’s cafeteria. On Friday morning, the grade-level winner is announced during the school’s morning telecast. The grade that collects the most recycling earns the coveted “Recycling Maniacs: Golden Trash Award” for the week.

In addition, the students have also created an advertising campaign to promote the program and designed posters that provide helpful information on ways to recycle. To help conserve electricity, the students have made colorful reminders for every light switch in the school with the message: "Last Out, Lights Off."

After only one week of the program, there were more recycled materials than the designated containers would hold.


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