Secret Service investigation Brazos Valley scam

POSTED: Friday, June 8, 2012 - 3:43pm
UPDATED: Monday, June 11, 2012 - 10:05am

NAVASOTA -- Many of us use credit cards on a daily basis.

But you may want to start re-thinking how you pay for the things you buy because a big scam operation in the Brazos Valley now has the secret service involved.

This, after 12 victim's had their credit card information stolen.

It's a scam that often times goes unnoticed for months because the victim never even realizes they've been stolen from.

"They said that their credit card was used, however, they had their credit card in their possession." said Navasota Police Chief Shawn Myatt.

Police then began their investigation back in February and realized the stolen cards were being used at the local Walmart.

About a month later police caught 30-year-old Oeleicia Toliver and 31-year-old David Hester, both from Bryan, in the act.

"As the officers and investigators arrived at Walmart she was swiping another card purchasing items."

Chief Myatt says investigators found 12 different stolen credit cards.

Both were arrested and Toliver confessed to how their crime operation worked

"A costumer would come in and have their meal or make a purchase. They would use their credit or debit card and they [Toliver and Hester] would use their personal skimmer to and skim it to store their personal information from the victim."

The two would then buy stock credit cards in their name and add the victim's stolen information and good credit to the magnetic strip on the back.

Myatt says all of the victims have been notified but the case is far from over.

"The secret service has taken over the investigation. It has expanded to a lot broader and bigger just from this case that we had."


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