Snakes out and about in Central Texas

Monday, April 30, 2012 - 4:05pm

WACO -- Spring brings flowers, sunshine and... snakes.

"During the fall and spring that's the most, highest activity for snakes just because the weathers more moderate," Park Ranger Justin Sheppard said.  

For park goers, there seems to be an increase in snakes this year.

"I've seen definitely an increase in the water moccasins for sure," Brandon Fox said while out enjoying the park.   

But there may not actually be more of them, just more that you can see.

"We had a lot of rain, heavy rain which kind of washed them out of their dens. And that would probably be more like why people think they're moving around more, there's more of them. They're just moving around earlier," Sheppard said.

Although they help keep our insect and rodent population down, they're not something you want to mess with.

"The snake wants to get away from you, it doesn't want to deal with people. As long as you don't mess with it, usually it won't strike at you."

Park Rangers say one of the best ways to avoid a snake is to stay on a path and watch where you're going.

The poisonous snake you could come in contact with in Cameron Park is the Copper Head.

But good news, although venomous, these snakes are generally not aggressive and bites are almost never fatal. But getting to the hospital is crucial.


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