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Texas boy prepares for life after loss of sight

A boy in Texas is preparing to go blind, and he's working through a bucket list of sorts for his eyesight. Things he wants to see while he still has the chance.

Reward now $20,000 for TX 10 Most Wanted Fugitive

The reward for Benjamin Dominguez, 47, a Texas 10 Most Wanted Fugitive and this month’s featured fugitive, has increased to $20,000 for information leading to his capture if the tip comes in during the month of May.

Texas toddler drowns when father allegedly falls asleep drunk

A father is facing charges after the death of his baby boy. Investigators say the dad, Enrique Machado , was drunk and passed out while the child was in the bathtub.

Two people shot at construction site near U.T. Austin Campus

Just before noon Wednesday, two people were involved in a shootout on a construction site near the University of Texas at Austin campus.

Drones taking flight over South Texas

San Antonio (KSAT) -- The state of Texas is at the forefront of what's being referred to as the nation's "third Kitty Hawk moment." Home to one of six FAA approved test sites for drones, South Texas stands to see a huge economic impact over the ne

Willie Nelson earns 5th degree black belt

Willie Nelson turns 81 this week., but that hasn't slowed him down. The singer-songwriter says he never expected to get beyond a second-degree. Nelson's achievement is in the martial art of Gong Kwon Yu Sol.

Texas’ high school graduation rates shine in national comparison

In a study released this week by the U.S. Department of Education, only Iowa posted a higher graduation rate than Texas for the Class of 2012.

Texas inmate mistakenly released back in custody

A Bexar County Jail inmate mistakenly released on Wednesday has been apprehended.

VIDEO: Naked man chases family at park in Texas

A naked man terrorized a family trying to have a picnic at a park in Houston. The cell phone video is only a few seconds long, but it gives you a sense of the chaos that unfolded at Hermann Park on Sunday.

Madison High School student with 3 loaded guns in custody

TX - Cops: Student had 3 loaded guns (4/28/14 04:35 PM) Madison High School student with 3 loaded guns in custody By Van Darden Click here for updates on this story San Antonio (KSAT) -- A 17-year-old Madison High School stud