Suspected burglar caught by hidden game camera

Brazos County Sheriff's Office
Friday, August 2, 2013 - 3:35pm

It's a crime of opportunity that's plaguing several Brazos County neighborhoods and it's all happening in broad daylight.

"These thieves are opportunist and they're looking for an opportunity to strike a home that's not protected and quickly get in and out with what's valuable."

Brazos County Sheriff, Chris Kirk, says during the month of July six homes were burglarized all within several miles of each other and he believes they're all connected.

"They are all similar," Kirk said. "Same similar location in the southwest part of the county, same method of entry and the articles that were stolen were all very similar so we believe that it's the same suspects involved in all of these cases."

Now they're looking for this man and they need help identifying him.

Sheriff Kirk said during a July 8th burglary in Indian Lakes this man was unknowingly caught on a game camera hidden in one of the lawns of a burglarized home.

"In this case he's going to have a hard time to refute the fact that he wasn't there since we have a picture of him."

So if you recognize this man call Crimestoppers before he gets the opportunity to strike again.


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