Temple tattoo artist fighting city's outdated laws


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POSTED: Thursday, July 25, 2013 - 11:25am
UPDATED: Tuesday, July 30, 2013 - 1:28pm

Tattoo shops are outlawed in Temple by an antiquated law from the 1980's, and now one artist has started a petition to allow citizens to have a prefessional, healthier option in city limits.

Christopher Simmons is a tattoo artist at Kingpin Tattoos in Harker Heights. If he had it his way though, he’d be working at home in Temple. But, city laws dating back thirty years, designed to protect citizens from diseases spread by needles, like AIDS and Hepatitis, are now starting to cause more harm than good.

“Everything they are doing, they say, is for a purpose But, at the same time, it is so destructive to the community," explained Simmons."The Temple mall sells tattoo equipment at a kiosk right there in the center of the mall. You can’t say there aren’t people tattooing out of their home in Temple. You run into people who say, ‘You have tattoos? Well, I can tattoo you out of my house.”

The city told him he needs to get 20% of the population to sign a petition before they will even look at the issue.

“I believe this is all about political views. Certain people do not like it, and they don’t want it in their town. They are uncomfortable with it because the culture is very new to them. They are uneducated to what this culture actually is," said Simmons.

“This is my home area and I’ve decided to raise my family here. I just got married. We are having a baby on the way. I chose Temple to be my home and I feel I should be able to run my business here."

Simmons has posted the petition at templetatto.info


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Over the past 5-10 years as a citizen of a college town I've experienced some situations that included the majority of the young men and women around me being heavily tattooed. I myself have none, and being a healthcare worker frown on them personally.
I have come to know a very large number of the young folks who choose to tattoo. Honestly, I witness that they are some of the most genuinely kind, hardworking and generous young people I know.
The artists themselves are very professional.

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