Texas law enforcement agencies now allowed to sell confiscated guns

POSTED: Monday, September 2, 2013 - 12:59pm
UPDATED: Wednesday, September 4, 2013 - 10:18am

A new law now allows law enforcement agencies across Texas to sell guns that have been confiscated to law abiding citizens.

Some big city police departments are not phased by the law, saying they do not wish to put the guns back out on the streets. Meanwhile, other departments, like McGregor PD, say this could help their department profit in the long run.

"I hate to see a good weapon destroyed," said McGregor Assistant Police Chief James Burson.

He says House Bill 1421 is a good thing for his department. By selling weapons they've confiscated, Burson says McGregor PD could make money to use for other necessities.

"It'll give us some funding to purchase new weapons for our officers to buy ammunition for qualifications. It'll give us just a little bit more to operate on," said Burson.

Burson says his department seized about a dozen weapons in the last year.

"This is a good police weapon here," said Burson, looking at a gun his department seized recently.

In fact, the gun was one of several seized in a Baylor-area drug bust last Wednesday. The guns guns are expensive and can now be sold or used by officers.

"We seized an AR-type weapon. That's something that we can put into service with our officers. That's a 12 to 15 hundred dollar firearm," said Burson.

Not all guns have to be sold, but certain ones do come with a high profit if the department choses to sell them.

"Your high-end Smith and Wessons, your glocs, your 6Rs," said Burson.

Prior to this new law, confiscated guns had to be destroyed if they could not be returned to their owner.

"In the past, we have got orders from the court to destroy them. And, whenever we destroy them, we generally videotape taking a torch and cutting them in half and putting it with junk iron," said Burson.

The new law may won't necessarily bring law enforcement agencies a lot of revenue, as many confiscated guns turn out to be junk. But, it could help those needing a little extra in the bank.


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"Your high-end Smith and Wessons, your glocs, your 6Rs," said Burson.

Glocs and 6Rs?! Do you mean Glocks and Sig Sauers?

Oh great, now the police can confiscate our guns and keep them for their own use, I don`t like it.

The word is 'fazed', not 'phased'.

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