Texas Railroad Commissioner candidate pledges a full term

Tuesday, August 13, 2013 - 10:27am

Former conservative Republican State Representative Ray Keller has issued a pledge to fulfill his entire term if elected Texas Railroad Commissioner. In a prepared statement, Keller said, “A critical issue in this election for Texas Railroad Commissioner is confidence in how the Commission does its business. When the Commission is facing sunset extinction hours before the legislative session ends and even then it is reinstated only for just a short period of time, some issues are calling out for attention. We don’t need more laws on the books to run an office with the highest standards.”

Keller said, “First, I am clearly not running for Railroad Commissioner for my own personal ambition. I am in this race to make a difference not to advance my own political career. I am excited about the role of the Railroad Commission in the Texas economy and political ambition is not part of my DNA. For that reason, I pledge to fulfill the entire term of the office, without question.

Additionally, I pledge to not at any time during my term or afterwards accept a job with the industry the Commission regulates. I fully intend, God willing, to return home once my tenure on the Commission is done. In my previous elected position I chose not to run again but left under a self-imposed term limitation on myself. I intend to do the same here”.

Continuing, Keller said, “The Railroad Commission is a critically important agency in Texas. The sunset legislation threatening to end it demonstrated the status quo is badly broken. Even this week, the Chairman of the House Energy Committee was quoted as saying: ‘we’ve had Legislature-wise and the commissioners that have served. When they leave and go somewhere else before their term is over – that is really the genesis of the problem in the House’. I am in a perfect position to set the highest standards because political ambition is not part of any reason I am seeking this office. Additionally, I am in a unique position, as a former member of the Texas House of Representatives, to work with the Legislature to resolve these issues once and for all. “

Keller concluded saying, “I guarantee to be a Commissioner whose full focus is the job at hand without the slightest sideward glance at running for another office. Texans deserve no less”.

Keller is a fourth generation Texan, recently retired from a successful business career in the public safety sales industry. He served in the Texas Legislature from 1979 to 1987. Keller lives in North Richland Hills with his wife Carol and two young granddaughters.


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