Texas Reds Festival "stomping" out new changes this year

Friday, September 27, 2013 - 4:18pm

It's downtown Bryan's signature event and Michael Perez, owner of Papa Perez in downtown Bryan is prepping for large crowds this weekend at the Texas Reds Festival.

"We're hoping to get so many people we can't see straight," Perez said.

This weekend marks the seventh annual Texas Reds Festival and city officials expect anywhere from 20-30,000 visitors in downtown Bryan.

"When people get here for the first time and they see everything that Bryan has to offer in terms of business and opportunity, they come back and that's what Texas Reds is all about," said Jessica Willingham.

But you may notice some major changes to the festival and the city is hoping those changes will help attract even more people to town.

Unlike years past, this year it's free to attend unless you plan on enjoying some wine or going into the fenced off concert.

And instead of having the steak tent , local restaurants will be providing the beef.

Willingham said, "This year we're really uplifting the downtown merchants and they have a lot of great steak inspired specials so we're really going to let them go ahead and showcase what they have to offer and localize it even more than it has been in the past."

A change Perez says local businesses will benefit from even though the city loses money from it because the festival actually costs the city money to put on.

"They're trying to help us out," Perez said. "You know they're losing money but they want us to make money to be down here so we like that they back us up." 

Portion of this weekend's proceeds will be donated to the families affected by the Knights of Columbus fire back in February.


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