Texas teens catch 6 foot alligator

Friday, July 4, 2014 - 12:15pm

It almost sounded like the start of a bad joke.

"If you were to catch an alligator, what would you do with it?"

But this 911 call out of Cleburne proved to be one wild night for three fearless teens.

Joey Kane, Craig Kite and one other friend were checking out their fishing net on Buffalo Creek Tuesday night when they caught a six-and-a-half foot alligator. Instead of running for the hills, they pulled the gator onto dry land by its tail, wrapped its snout and called police.

The trio said they weren't afraid of the gator and thought it was "pretty cool" that they actually caught one.

Johnson County Sheriff's Office said the alligator was injured in the trotline and had to be put down. A state alligator expert said gators aren't common in north Texas -- and this one likely traveled here for water.

Whatever the reason, Cleburne's own crocodile hunters will have quite a story to tell when they start their freshman year come fall.


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