TX officer shoots dog after warrant

Wednesday, June 19, 2013 - 4:01pm

A Texas family is demanding action after they say a police officer shot their dog while trying to serve a warrant.

The incident happened in the family's front yard. The officer shot the dog, Vinny, in the back of the neck. The dog is recovering, but his owners say they want action taken against the officer.

James Simmons broke down as he talked about what happened in his front yard as his family got ready for dinner.

"I heard shots, so I ran out the door, I saw the guy standing by my gate with a gun," said Simmons.

His 6-year-old grandson, Landon, says he heard the gunshots as well.

"When I heard the gunshots, I was at the picnic table and then I went to tell an adult because when I touched Vinny he was bleeding," said the child.

Leander police confirm an officer went to the house to serve a warrant and shot the dog in the family's front yard.

This is an unfortunate situation that Vinny's owners say should have never happened, because the department also admits, the person listed on the warrant doesn't live at the home.

"I don't know what the address was on the warrant, if he was in the right place, but we don't know who he was looking for, never even heard of him," said Simmons.

Now, James Simmons says he wants action taken against the officer.

"This guy that did this, he doesn't need to have a badge or a gun. He could have so easily shot one of my grandkids," said Simmons.

Vinny will be okay, but the family says they now have mounting medical bills and they want the police department to pay for it.

Authorities say the incident is under administrative review.



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