VIDEO: ETX man dies in skydiving accident

Tuesday, June 18, 2013 - 10:55am

A Texas skydiver fell to his death over the weekend when his secondary parachute failed to deploy.

For some reason the victim wasn't using a chute with an automatic fail-safe.

The day after an accident in the air that cost a skydiver his life, Skydrive Spaceland in Rosharon is open for business.

Operations manager Jason Hyder reflects on what happened.

"He was well-loved and everybody on the drop-zone liked him and enjoyed making skydives with him," said Hyder.

Witnesses told management at skydive spaceland that 36-year-old Miguel Carrasco cut away from his main parachute at about 1,000 feet, and then, for some reason, failed to deploy his backup chute.

We can only speculate that he was probably trying to get stable instead of just operating the parachute.

According to management here at Skydive Spaceland, 80 percent of experienced jumpers use a chute like this, one that has an automatic fail-safe that opens a secondary chute.

Carrasco, an experienced jumper, opted not to use one of those chutes.

A secondary chute did not open automatically.



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