Waco ISD installs CopSync in schools

POSTED: Thursday, January 16, 2014 - 8:24am
UPDATED: Thursday, January 16, 2014 - 11:36pm

In light of the Sandy Hook shooting and other recent school emergency situations, one local school district is amping up security measures.

In the event of an emergency, everyone knows...

"Seconds count, and time counts," said Waco ISD Police Chief Ken Boatman.

That's why Waco ISD is in the process of installing a new technology, called CopSync, at each of their schools and the administration building this week.

"If a school had an emergency, all they would have to do is punch a button on their computer. It would automatically come to the police department, the police cars, and the police officer's cell phone letting them know that they have an emergency at that school," said Boatman.

Before CopSync, school officials or whoever was in distress would have to call and talk to an operator who would then have to relay the message to police. Now, officers can respond without having to wait for any details.

"Officers are already en route because they know that there's a distress signal from that school, and we're just waiting for the specific information to be able to give to us to be obtained," said Boatman.

And, a quicker response could make a huge difference. CopSync is expected to be a much faster emergency system.

"It could shorten the amount of time minutes, to five minutes, to ten minutes, depending on where the officer is at, the travel time to that school."

Implementation of CopSync began in September, after the school board provided $45,000 dollars to cover the cost. Currently, only a handful of Texas schools use this technology.


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