Waco ISD teacher on paid leave following STAAR testing violation

Waco ISD
POSTED: Friday, April 4, 2014 - 4:44pm
UPDATED: Thursday, April 24, 2014 - 10:03am

A Waco ISD principal is on paid leave after reportedly violating STAAR Testing protocol Thursday.

Dr. Susan Thames, Principal of Indian Spring Middle School is on paid leave pending the outcome of an investigation, which will be conducted by the Texas Education Agency.

Waco ISD says the violation is more of a security violation as opposed to a cheating scandal. "I want to emphasize not a cheating scandal," said Waco ISD Spokesman Dale Caffey.

Caffey says the violation is more about a discussion that took place after the tests were taken which goes against the TEA's testing procedures. He says there is a set protocol to follow before, during, and after the tests. "There's a high level of training, and the district takes this very seriously," said Caffey.

Caffey says the district self-reported after they became aware of the incident. Caffey didn't say if Thames was directly linked to the incident, but he did say "ultimately the principal is responsible for the campus".

Caffey said discussions took place after the tests were taken that weren't supposed to happen. The violation, he says puts the district in a bad light.

"We will continue to test students all across the district. The tests taken this week might be in jeopardy. We don't think they will be. We will continue to prepare for future tests," said Caffey.

A retired Waco ISD assistant principal and a retired Waco ISD principal will step in to lead the campus until the investigation is complete.


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O Ms. Thames.. she was my journalism teacher at connallyand she was a bit$h then.. I can only imagine now being a principal my God! Dont know if she would do nothing like this though. Then again idk people do crazy things.

She is in my thoughts and prayers. It is easy to point fingers when you are on the outside looking in. I pray that God's will be done and not that of man. I also pray that Waco embraces diversity rather than trying to punish and submit it!

For the record, she has been on board for several years. As a Cadet Alumni she has been apart of a lot of GREAT changes for the district, with her board members.This is her SECOND year (I do believe) running a NEW SCHOOL by herself. What's so "unprofessional" working at one of the worst districts in Waco. Try again. Instead of nagging, being NEGATIVE, do something to HELP her become a better principal instead of dogging her. She is still HUMAN.

Tracey Moore Russell might need to consider her source. Rt @Tramoore29? But you are 42 right? Hmmmm too funny! You heard. Just like everyone has heard about you and all of your antics I am sure.

No one would outright keep anyone from taking a test. Your kid probably played and everybody knows the new test is timed. If he did not finish in time that was on him. Parents need to stop blaming and start making their kids do right. And the board comment everybody knows that upset people have something to say. Its even easier when people can hide their identity. Board members are one vote and besides Connally has friends only about them. You dont know this woman just heard stuff. Get a life!

In my opinion...I think she is unprofessional. Because she dined one of my kids taking the test. And didn't let my other one finish the other half. So now my son needs to take it with just one chance of passing it. Kids are kids and they will get in trouble. But for a adult to act like the way she did. I think she's not prepared and she needs to grow up instead of making kids feel bad. Cuz when u go for that position to be a teacher or principle u know what ur going for. You will be with kids

What concerns me is that she is the president of the Connally school board and is currently running for re-election. I have heard so many negative comments and disturbing reports regarding her inabilities to effectively run a school campus. Why would I want her to make decisions about my daughters education as a school board member if she cannot perform as a principal?

Connally ISD continues to go down with every school struggling. There has been so much corruption on the school board with Dr. Thames at the helm. She has run off great leaders because they refuse to work for her. It is sad that people like her are allowed to have positions in our public school systems because it is children that pay.

The whole situation is bad. Waco ISD is a horrible district and has done NOTHING to help the struggling schools. If people would open their eyes they would see that Cain and her flunkies that she intimidates yells at to include putting her finger in peoples faces making them cry do not care anything about Waco. Look at the minority schools. They deal with kids who can't read cuss out adults daily fight like animals and nothing is said about that. Name the real person who did this.

Dr. Thames is an OUTSTANDING principal. She is a tough, yet, an Ambitious individual in Waco ISD. She has made a HUGE impact in students in a positive way. She will be back to continue her good works. The people that claim that she is "mean" are the same people that lack professionalism and doesn't understand that she is about BUSINESS, not friendships. The negative has to stop. I pray that Dr. Thames continue to stay focus about her good works!

I do not agree..this principal has no professionalism leading a school at all whatsoever



shes the meanest principal of all times she has told our whole school shes gonna fail us with no remorse she dosent care about us

with the name "savage" I would see why. Pure ignorance.

Name the teacher and show his or her face. That person did the wrongdoing. Instead the leader is put out like the one who did it. Terrible system. Hope when it is found out that this lady had nothing to do with it that the take back of the story is big.

This is a great principal and woman with values!!!!! I guarantee her name will be cleared of all wrong doing.

She is a great principal and person with values and I guarantee her name will be cleared. She is the reason some of our kids have a great future ahead of them

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