Waco ISD working to give teachers a pay raise

Friday, August 3, 2012 - 3:41pm

WACO -- After millions of dollars of state funding cuts from school district's budgets, Waco ISD is now working to give their teachers a 3.5 percent pay raise to help keep good teachers in their district.

This after Waco ISD was not able to give their employees any kind of pay raise last year.

The raise amounts for a teacher making 45,000 dollars they could receive about 1,400 dollars extra.

Superintendent Dr. Bonnie Cain says because cost-saving efforts within the district they can afford the raises if approved by the board.

"The money from the consolidation was more of a cost avoidance than a cost savings. We're not having to spend money on buildings we don't need so we are able to spend money on things we do need, better instructional programming and reinforcing that our staff is doing a great job," Cain said.

Other changes they are considering with the salary increase would be to take away a couple days paid vacation and have the teacher help pay for a substitute when they're absent.

The Board of Trustees will meet again on the 16th and make the final decision August 23rd.


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