Waco man arrested for assaulting woman, her mom, her stepdad

McLennan County Jail
POSTED: Monday, June 16, 2014 - 12:35pm
UPDATED: Monday, June 16, 2014 - 10:25pm

A Waco man is in jail on $12,000 bond after being arrested on three assault charges and one resisting arrest charge.

Clifton Earl Weeks, 49, was arrested Saturday evening.

According to Waco PD Spokesman W.P. Swanton, officers were called out around 9 p.m. Saturday to the 2900 block of Parrott Avenue on an unknown disturbance call. When officers arrived, Weeks was found in the street acting belligerent.

Prior to officers’ arrival, Swanton says Weeks was chasing his girlfriend down the street. For some reason, Weeks reportedly noticed a 21-year-old female sitting in her car with her 18-month-old baby. Swanton says Weeks was unable to catch his girlfriend, and for an unknown reason, he opens the passenger door of the vehicle the 21-year-old is sitting in and starts assaulting her. Swanton says Weeks was choking the woman and grabbing her. The woman managed to get away from Weeks to run into her mom and stepdad’s house, which she was parked in front of. Swanton says Weeks then assaulted the mom and stepdad. That’s when officers responded to the situation.

When officers found Weeks in the street, they had trouble calming him down, Swanton says. Officers ultimately had to tase him and get back up. While trying to arrest Weeks, Swanton says he got more belligerent, resisting arrest. Weeks was finally put on an ambulance gurney and transported to Providence Hospital, where he was held for about seven hours for medical evaluation.

“We believe he was under the influence of something. He admitted he was smoking something, but he didn’t know what it was,” said Swanton.

Swanton says it took about five people to get Weeks onto the gurney.

Weeks is described as 5-foot-11, weighing 270 pounds.


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