Waco PD reports rise in snake sightings due to change in weather

Friday, July 4, 2014 - 7:21am

With summer here, snakes are officially on the move, looking for cooler places to get some shade. Unfortunately, those hideouts could include your home. Already, Waco police says they've had numerous calls about snakes on people's property.

Recent rains have also added to these reptiles moving around.

"Based on the rain amounts we've had the past few weeks, that will really get them moving because as the lakes and the creeks and the streams fill up, then it moves in on their houses where they have been. So, now they're having to come out to higher grounds," said Waco PD Sergeant W.P. Swanton.

Waco police say numerous residents are calling to report snakes in or near their homes.

"A lot of times they'll come in through drainage pipes, through the sewer system, so they end up in folk's home," said Swanton.

The best thing to do if a snake enters your house is to call for help. Waco police will capture the animals and re-release them into the wild since they do help the environment.

"They eat a lot of the rodents, and they keep the mice population down," said Swanton.

You should always be cautious while outside your house as well.

"Don't lift up stuff, logs, rocks, without making sure you know what's under them. That's where people get into trouble," said Swanton.

Police say never attempt to catch a snake yourself, odds are you will get bitten. Swanton says those under the influence of alcohol tend to be more aggressive toward snakes, which results in serious injuries.

"When you go to the hospital with a snake bite, most of the time, that individual has also been partaking of alcoholic beverages," said Swanton.

If you have a dog or cat at home, you'll also want to train them not to approach snakes, as a bite could be fatal for them.


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