Woman dies after rear end enhancing procedure

Friday, June 14, 2013 - 2:08pm

Police in south Florida are trying to find a man who passed himself off as a doctor from Venezuela.

Investigators say he administered butt-enhancing injections to a Miami woman, who died shortly after the procedure.

Now, her family just wants to know what happened.

Suyima Torres at 28 had just started her own business and had her whole life ahead of her.

In April, police say she came to Cuerpos Health and Aesthetic, the strip mall on Flagler, for a cosmetic procedure to enhance her behind.

Miami-Dade police searched the beauty clinic for medical equipment and chemicals.

Court documents say Suyi paid $1,500 for her first treatment here where a man claiming to be a doctor from Venezuela used a white plastic syringe to inject a yellowish, oily, water-like substance into each of her butt cheeks.

She was then told it would be four to six weeks before she could have the next procedure.

But, when she came back six days later to have her stitches removed, the doctor told her he was leaving for Venezuela the following week and that she could come back in just a few days with $800 so he could inject her again before he left the country.

After that next round of injections, mid-day on April 11, police say Suyi started to feel dizzy and fainted.

Nearly 10 hours later, Suyima was dead.

Police say the clinic is owned by Ruth Planas.

They say, Ms. Planas and her employees refused to supply any information to the medical examiners working to figure out what killed Suyima.


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