Man sentenced to 55 years in prison for 7th DWI conviction

A Central Texas man was sentenced to 55 years in prison after pleading guilty to his seventh DWI charge.

Fire at Temple Railroad & Heritage Museum determined to be arson

Fire investigators have ruled a train car fire at the Temple Railroad and Heritage Museum on Sunday was the result of arson. They say there were indications the fire was intentionally set.

Obama makes historic 'transgender' reference in SOTU

President Barack Obama became the first president to use the words "lesbian," "bisexual" and "transgender" in a State of the Union on Tuesday night, issuing an historic call for protections for individuals of any s

Gov. Abbott, Lt. Gov. Patrick Take Oath of Office

In a moment he called "highly improbable," Greg Abbott became the 48th

'Put'em in a Coffin': The new, destructive social media game

"Put him in a coffin," it's the latest social media driven, destructive, attention getting prank to hit the internet. You can find it all over YouTube.

The worms that invade your brain

Once you consume them, they can move throughout your body -- your eyes, your tissues and most commonly your brain.

Yemen unrest throws wrench in Obama's terror message

The unraveling security situation in Yemen -- the same country President Barack Obama cited as a model for his fight against ISIS -- could throw the President's counterterror message into question ahead of Tuesday's State of the Union address. I

VIDEO: 1 killed in Cincinnati bridge collapse

Several hundred tons of concrete fell from an overpass and crashed onto Interstate 75 in Cincinnati, killing a construction worker.

5-year-old boy shoots baby brother in head

The mother called 911 to say her 5-year-old boy shot his baby brother with a paintball gun. But it wasn't a paintball gun. It was a .22-caliber Magnum revolver. And the 9-month-old boy didn't survive.

Wal-Mart customers can pick up tax refunds in cash free of charge

Wal-Mart customers can collect their tax refunds in cash at stores this tax season.