Are you protecting your house from termite invasion this summer?

80 degree temperatures have already made their way into Central Texas this year. And unfortunately, with the heat comes the invasion of insects, specifically termites.

Mammoth remains discovered in Mexico

The remains of a mammoth have been uncovered south of Mexico City, researchers at Mexico's National Institute for Anthropology and History said. "For the first time in Latin America, magnetic, electric and ground-penetrating radar methods were app

American Airlines grounds flights nationwide due to glitch

American Airlines grounded flights nationwide on Tuesday due to problems over several hours with its computerized reservation system.

Obama says he doesn't believe North Korea has nuclear missile

President Barack Obama has said he doesn't believe North Korea can fit a nuclear warhead on a missile, casting strong doubt on an alarming assessment disclosed last week by the Pentagon's intelligence arm.

Wife of former official charged with murder in Texas DA killing

The wife of former justice of the peace Eric Williams is being held on a capital murder charge in connection with the killings of a Kaufman County District Attorney, his wife, and a top prosecutor, the Dallas Morning News reported Wednesday. CNN c

Supreme Court tackles Native American adoption dispute

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A custody battle involving the "best interests" of a 3-year-old Cherokee girl was taken up by the U.S.

What we know about the Boston Marathon bombing and its aftermath

Two days after explosives killed three people and wounded more than 180 during the Boston Marathon, details continue to trickle in as investigators sort through evidence. Authorities will hold a news conference at 1 p.m. ET.

A&M student returns home from Boston Marathon

More than four hours into one of the most prestigious marathons tragedy struck as two bombs placed about 100 yards apart detonated within 12 seconds of each other. More than 170 were injured and three were killed.

College Station teen in critical condition after auto-ped accident

An A&M Consolidated student is in critical condition tonight after being hit by a car Monday.