2013 Sweethearts selected

Waco, TX (March 12, 2013) – The 2013 Heart O’ Texas Fair & Rodeo Sweetheart competition was held with 104 young women competing.

Global warming brings on more pollen

With global warming, temperature extremes are becoming a norm -- and that's bad news for allergy sufferers.

TSA stands by knife decision

(CNN) -- Nikki Stern lost her husband in the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and she doesn't understand why knives would be allowed in airplane cabins 12 years later.

Talking dolls challenge racial stereotypes

LONDON (CNN) -- Raising their family in London, Nigerians Chris and Ada Ngoforo were keen for their children to stay in touch with their West African heritage.

Report: Cyberattacks a key threat to U.S. national security

Cyberattacks are an increasing threat at home, while extremists continue to make inroads in Middle Eastern and African countries that are in transition after the Arab Spring, according to the U.S.

Colorado theater shooting suspect could plead insanity

CENTENNIAL, Colorado (CNN) -- The sanity of James Holmes, the Aurora, Colorado, movie theater shooting suspect, may be a major issue at his arraignment Tuesday.

Manhunt on for Washington man wanted in the deaths of his grandparents

Washington police continued their manhunt early Tuesday for a 26-year-old man who allegedly killed his grandparents over the weekend, shortly after they held a party to celebrate his release from prison.

Teen tragedy: 5 die in fiery collision with tanker truck in Texas

At the intersection of the two country roads, charred debris lies strewn haphazardly. The earth around it is scorched.

Proposed CS parking ordinance will help with congestion and increase safety

Maneuvering an eight to nine foot wide fire truck down a narrow, residential street isn't easy. And when you have cars parked on both sides, the task is nearly impossible.