McCain prepared to help Obama close Guantanamo

An unlikely ally is offering a glimmer of hope that President Barack Obama can make good on his vow to close Guantanamo Bay before leaving office.

2015: The year the stock market slows to a trot

The bull market may need to tap the brakes in 2015.

Senate approves short-term funding for government

The Senate passed a short-term spending bill that will fund the government through Wednesday, averting a shutdown while the chamber debates a bill to fund the government.

Why you should reconsider that crane in your marriage proposal

It's the thought that counts, right? Tell that to the residents of 32 homes in the Dutch town of Ijsselstein, who were evacuated after a planned marriage proposal fell through.

Protesting police shootings: Demands for change sound out nationwide

Invoking the familiar names of black men who died at the hands of police, thousands marched throughout the nation on Saturday to protest what they see as rampant racial injustice.

Bombshell rape story triggers weeks of turmoil at the University of Virginia

The University of Virginia school year began with a terribly sad story. The disappearance of one of its most vulnerable --- a student embarking on the rest of her life -- rocked the campus and attracted national news coverage.

3 inmates, 2 charged with murder, escape Alabama jail

Two men charged with murder and another being held on armed robbery charges escaped early Saturday from a rural Alabama county jail, a local sheriff said.

2 American soldiers, 18 Afghans killed in 2 days of Taliban attacks

Three attacks by the Taliban in last 48 hours left two American soldiers and at least 18 Afghan soldiers dead, officials said Saturday, in what looks set to be a particularly bloody weekend in Afghanistan.

$14 million for classic car found under a pile of French magazines?

Early next year, bidders are expected to shell out millions for cars that stood around in Roger Baillon's yard for decades. The French truck manufacturing mogul had big dreams for them.

Riot cop wears "Wilson" badge at City Hall protest, chief promises disciplinary action

A St. Louis City officer dressed in riot gear wore a "Wilson" name badge on his right bicep while standing in front of protestors at City Hall on Friday morning.