KPD receives new info on murder of 7-year-old, asks for more leads

The Killeen Police Department is asking the public to help revive a murder cold case.

4 Waco firefighters honored for their courage and heroism

Four Waco firefighters were recognized for their heroism on Thursdayat the Waco Fire Emergency Services Education Center, for their heroism.

Waco man charged with possession of meth back in December

A Waco man is charged with possession of methamphetamines in connection to an incident at the end of last year, where he ran from cops after firing off a gun.

Benedict XVI quits Vatican City for last time as pope

Amid pomp and ceremony, Benedict XVI left Vatican City Thursday for the last time as pope, ahead of his historic resignation as leader of the world's Catholics.

Grand jury indicts Killeen man on manslaughter charge for killing roomate

A Bell County Grand Jury handed down an indictment Wednesday to a Killeen man, in connection with a January shooting.

Man wanted for child sex abuse in Temple found, arrested in Atlanta

United State's Marshall's Service officials have arrested a man, wanted in Temple on child sexual abuse charges.

Former guards accused of smuggling cell phones into Texas prison

(CNN) -- How were inmates inside a Texas prison allegedly able to make cell phone calls, plot crimes and acquire drugs?

Port Arthur man sentenced 50 years for keeping woman as his sex slave

PORT ARTHUR (KBMT) -- A Southeast Texas man has been sentenced to 50 years in the state penitentiary after prosecutors say he locked a 44-year-old woman in a small garage apartment where he repeatedly assaulted her and forced her to have sex. Timo

Photo of Lumberton High School students wearing burqas sparks controversy

Lumberton, TX (KBMT) -- The Lumberton Independent School District is taking heat from parents over a photo of five Lumberton High School girls dressed in traditional Middle Eastern robes called burqas.

Deadly mice to rain down on Guam snakes

(CNN) -- If you're a brown tree snake, those dead rodents that will soon be falling from the sky over Guam's Andersen Air Force Base could be your last meal. That's because the U.S.