Armed guards like air marshals, claims NRA program chief

The man charged with developing the National Rifle Association's program to place armed guards in American schools defended the controversial plan Sunday against critics who claim it's a dangerous diversion from new gun restrictions.

NRA doubles down: New gun laws won't work

The National Rifle Association made clear Sunday it will not budge on its opposition to any new gun laws, despite heated criticism of the organization's response to the Connecticut school massacre.

For Laci Peterson's mom, the holidays mark a time of sorrow

Ten years ago, Sharon Rocha was expecting her pregnant daughter, Laci Peterson, at dinner on Christmas Eve. Instead, she received a call that Laci was missing.

Pakistani official targeted, killed in suicide blast

A Pakistani provincial government official openly targeted by the Pakistani Taliban was killed Saturday in a suicide bomb attack, officials said.

Italian president dissolves parliament

Italian President Giorgio Napolitano on Saturday dissolved the country's parliament, following the resignation of Prime Minister Mario Monti.

Iowa Supreme Court: OK to fire 'irresistible' worker

Can a boss fire an employee he finds attractive because he and his wife, fairly or not, see her as a threat to their marriage? Yes, the Iowa Supreme Court ruled Friday.

What the tributes to Dave Brubeck missed

Dave Brubeck was taking a horse ride with his father one day when he saw something that would haunt him for the rest of his life.

University High grants kids' wishes

For the third year in a row, the University High School soccer team, along with the JROTC program, come together to grant younger kids' Christmas wishes.

Overnight fire destroys home

Three seperate fires in Waco damaged nearby homes. The first of those fires completely destroyed a vacant house and damaged a house next door.

Killeen man receives second indictment in connection to a murder

A Killeen man has received a second indictment from a Bell County Grand Jury, inconnection to a deadly shooting.