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Georgia teacher accused of having sex with students

ATLANTA (CNN) -- A Georgia high school teacher was arrested Tuesday after being accused of having sex with seven students, one of whom was 15.

Puppy Bowl Sunday: Survival of the cutest

(CNN) -- A visit to the whirlpool tub cool-down zone signals the endgame for Sunday's Super Bowl competitors.

Suspect sought in fatal Phoenix office shooting

PHOENIX, Arizona (CNN) -- Phoenix police were searching Wednesday for a 70-year-old man suspected in the shooting of three people, one of whom died, in an office building. Arthur Douglas Harmon had gone to the building to discuss "some type of lit

China's latest investment craze: U.S. pecans

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- The Chinese are developing a thing for U.S. pecans. Attracted by their perceived health benefits, the Chinese are gobbling up pecans from the United States in record amounts.

Could Egypt fall apart?

(CNN) -- The renewed bloodshed and defiant protests in Egypt prompts a provocative question: Could Egypt really collapse? Just two years into a revolution that ignited during the Arab Spring, Egypt's defense minister warned this week the raging co

Dr. Phil: Alleged mastermind of Te'o hoax 'deeply' in love with him

(CNN) -- The man who claims to have been behind the Manti Te'o girlfriend hoax told talk show host Phil McGraw that he was in love with the Notre Dame linebacker.

Killer cats leave billions of avian, rodent victims, study finds

(CNN) -- Think of the world's most prolific killers, and you might come up with a list that includes sharks, lions and even humans. But our smaller, feline friends may be higher up on the list than previously thought, says a report in the journal

Standoff drags into third day as man holds boy in underground bunker

MIDLAND CITY, Alabama (CNN) -- Somewhere underneath this red Alabama dirt is a little boy. A kindergartner, snatched from the safety of his school bus by a gunman and stashed in an underground bunker; A boy who needs daily medication; A chil

Two dead after head-on collision in Waco Wednesday afternoon

Two people are dead as the result of a head-on collision in Waco Wednesday afternoon.

Killeen officer injured in chase when trying to stop driver of stolen vehicle

The Killeen Police Department is investigating a pursuit, which resulted in an officer's injury Wednesday morning.