Fifth-grade boys' plot to kill a classmate thwarted

(CNN) -- Two fifth-grade boys armed with a stolen semi-automatic gun, ammunition clip and knife plotted to kill a classmate in Washington state but were thwarted when another student informed a school employee, authorities said Thursday.

San Bernardino Sheriff's Department: Charred body confirmed as Christopher Dorner

Medical examiners have positively identified the body of the renegade former Los Angeles police officer Christopher Dorner, the man authorities say killed four people and wounded three others in a vendetta against his old comrades.

TX special needs student hits shot of a lifetime

Mitchell Marcus, a special needs student, spent three years as the team manager for the Coronado boys basketball team.

CS city council considering $30M Northgate development

The skyline of Northgate is constantly changing on a daily basis.

TAMU study finds airline tickets cheapest on the weekends

While folk wisdom has its place, the “folks” may not be so wise when it comes to shopping for airline tickets, say researchers at Texas A&M University.

Man arrested in CS for child pornography

After a lengthy investigation a San Antonio man is now behind bars for possession of child pornography.

'Blade runner' Pistorius charged with murder of model girlfriend

PRETORIA, South Africa (CNN) -- A beloved model is dead, those who knew her are in mourning, and one of the world's most admired Olympians is charged with her murder after a Valentine's Day shooting in South Africa. Oscar Pistorius, a Paralympic r

Illinois Senate passes same-sex marriage measure

(CNN) -- The Illinois Senate passed a measure Thursday to legalize same-sex marriage, voting 34-21. The state House will consider it next. Gov.

Lawsuit seeks $75 million in death of U.S. agent in Mexico

(CNN) -- Answers have been elusive on what may have contributed to the February 15, 2011, ambush that killed a U.S. agent and injured another while on assignment in Mexico.

Ex-girlfiend: Dorner was stressed out, bottled up

(CNN) -- An ex-girlfriend of slain murder suspect Christopher Dorner said the former L.A. policeman worked in a pressure cooker and she was afraid he would target her after she heard he was the object of a manhunt.