Police release 911 tapes of deadly Dallas Cowboy wreck

Police in Irving, Texas have released 911 calls from the day of the deadly crash involving two Dallas Cowboys players.

Cen-Tex authorities searching for missing mother, child

The Waco Police Department is searching for a missing mother and child who have been missing since Monday.

For $45,500, he's Jason HeadsetsDotCom

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- On Jan. 1, entrepreneur Jason Sadler will legally become "Jason HeadsetsDotCom." The 30-year-old founder of IWearYourShirt, who wears sponsored T-shirts for a living, recently held an online auction.

Chavez had complications in surgery, official says

HAVANA, Cuba (CNN) -- Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is recovering after facing complications during his cancer surgery this week, the country's information minister said.

Man arrested while out on bond for murder

After an investigation into an early morning robber Thursdayy, Temple Police have arrested a man who was out on bond for a murder charge.

Aggieland celebrates the 12th Man, Manziel and Heisman

After a whirlwind four days in New York meeting with some of the biggest names in the sports world, Aggieland's own Johnny Manziel finally came home to a crowd of more than a thousand people.

Susan Rice withdraws from consideration as secretary of state

(CNN) -- Susan Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations who drew heavy criticism from Republicans over her statements after the September attacks on a U.S.

Store manager arrested for robbing own store

An elaborate scheme to rob his own store has resulted in the store manager being arrested Wednesday. On October 7, 2012, Carl Enderby, 22, told Temple Police he and a store clerk were robbed at gunpoint.

College Station Holiday Inn robbers arrested

 A hotel clerk who was robbed at gunpoint back in November can now feel safer knowing the two men police say are responsible are off the streets.

Antique shotgun puts former Marine behind bars in Mexico

MIAMI  -- For a war vet from South Florida, a leisurely road trip to a seaside vacation came to an abrupt end in Mexico, where he has languished behind bars for four months, sometimes chained to a bed.