Ron Paul will end active campaigning in GOP presidential race

An announcement from Rep. Ron Paul indicates that the Republican presidential candidate will no longer actively campaign for the GOP nomination, but will continue to work to secure delegates at upcoming Republican state conventions.

Texas Forest Service to survey drought effects

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — Forestry crews will spend the next two months trekking across the Lone Star State counting dead trees to get a better picture of the mortality rate from the 2011 drought.

Waco man caught moments after burglarizing house

A Waco man was caught just moments after burglarizing a home on Avondale Avenue.

Man dies at El Paso nightclub during lap dance

A man was prounounced dead after allegedly suffering from a heart attack at a The Red Parrot Strip Club in east El Paso County Friday night.

How to buy 1 share of Facebook IPO

NEW YORK — The typical way to buy stock in a publicly traded firm is to open a brokerage account and place an order.

Four arrested for unlicensed horse racing

WACO -- Earlier this week 53-year-old Carol Allen and 54-year-old William Wareham, both of Elm Mott, were arrested for hosting unlicensed horse races.

Four car accident, father leaves child at scene

WACO -- A four car accident this morning sends one to the hospital and another to jail for abandoning his child at the crash site. It happened at the intersection of Sanger Avenue and Lake Air Drive a little before 8 am.

Speegleville Fire Department hosts pet vaccination clinic

SPEEGLEVILLE -- If you're looking for something good for your pet and your pocket, then the 15th annual Pet Vaccination Clinic hosted by the Speegleville Fire Department is the place for you this Saturday.

Residents to vote on Caldwell ISD bond Saturday

CALDWELL -- It's election day tomorrow and a proposed $52.7 million bond in Caldwell, to make improvements to the district's schools, has created a lot of controversy in the small community.

Discovery of oldest known Mayan calendar

Xultún, Guatemala — Nestled in the deep trenches of the Guatemalan rain forest, at the largest-known Classic Mayan site, Xultún, scientists have uncovered the remnants of what appears to be the earliest known Mayan calendar