Brazos County detention officer arrested

BRAZOS COUNTY -- A bizarre story tonight of a Brazos County detention officer lying to cover-up an on-going criminal investigation involving an inmate who she also happened to have an intimate relationship with.

College Station Police searching for robbery suspect

COLLEGE STATION -- A second armed robbery in College Station in one week and police are still looking for the man who did it.

Local neighborhood to determine progressive use of vacant lot

WACO -- An empty lot where Sanger Avenue Elementary School once stood is now at the forefront of a new movement.

Hotel guest robbed at gunpoint in Waco

A Waco hotel guest was robbed at gunpoint late Tuesday night. The 45-year old victim claims he had his door open trying to keep cool at around 11:14 p.m., when a man entered his room.

Largest donation gives way to new football stadium fundraising

WACO -- As of today, Baylor is officially beginning its fundraising for the new football stadium thanks to the largest gift in Baylor University history. 

Lake Somerville bouncing back from last summer's drought

SOMERVILLE -- Lake Somerville was hit hard by the this summer's drought.

Floor collapses underneath firefighter causing injury

WACO -- A firefighter was injured today when a floor collapsed underneath him while fighting a house fire in Hillsboro. The fire broke out at 4:22 a.m. Tuesday in the 2200 block of Chestnut.

Donate your spring cleaning clutter to help others

WACO -- It's almost spring and its time to clean out the clutter in your home that was gathered throughout the winter.

Wanted Waco man arrested after high speed chase

WACO -- A man wanted for assaulting a police officer is arrested after a high speed chase through Waco this morning. The U.S. Marshal Fugitive Task Force spotted 28-year-old Darren Chambers in the 3600 block of Waco Drive.

Traffic signals in Bryan will get an upgrade

BRYAN -- Admit it, we all hate sitting in traffic especially during rush-hour but thanks to a state grant, half of Bryan's traffic signals will be upgraded to help traffic flow better and decrease your driving time.