CS man arrested for breaking court order

COLLEGE STATION -- A College Station man is charged with breaking an anti-gang order after a state trooper found him hiding in the trunk of a car.

Driverless car carrying kids lands in yard

A woman was dragged by her own vehicle and 2 young children were inside the car at the time. Police say the woman was at a birthday party with a 6 and 10 year old in the car.

Obama vs. Romney: How they'd tackle deficits

Both President Obama and Mitt Romney share a similar goal when it comes to the federal debt: They want to get it under control.

Romney, Obama prepare for presidential debate, but does it matter?

After months of talking about each other and their policies, the world finally gets to see Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney go toe-to-toe on the same stage in a series of three televised debates ahead of the U.S. election.

True Talent. Raw Reality.

 WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 3, AND THURSDAY, OCTOBER 4, ON FOX Judges’ Homes Round Starts Wednesday, October 10

Deaths of mother, children in Waco fire ruled accidental

The Southwest Institute of Forensic Sciences has ruled the manner of death of the three people killed in a February fire as accidental. Pending any further information, this case will remain closed.

Carters Creek Wastewater Treatement Plant getting upgrades

COLLEGE STATION -- It's a smelly situation for some people in College Station who live near the Carters Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant. But the city thinks they've found a solution to help get rid of the stench.

Three Houston men arrested in CS for theft

COLLEGE STATION -- Three thieves are caught red-handed thanks to a neighbor who witnessed them acting suspiciously.

Missing Waco veteran found

The Waco Police Department is happy to announce that Carl Daniel Ray has been found and is no longer listed as a missing person. Waco police are asking the public for assistance in finding a missing disabled veteran.

New report compares Obama, Romney health plans

President Obama's Affordable Care Act, when fully implemented, will most likely reduce the number of uninsured in every state, age group and income level - a stark contrast to a GOP presidential nominee and Mitt Romney's plan, according