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Construction workers bear the heat

WACO -- Extreme heat and soaring temperatures are just part of the job in the field of construction, but to local workers these are some of the worst conditions they've ever experienced.

Waco man spits on officers during arrest

Waco Officers responded to a possible robbery Wednesday night at 7:15 p.m. in the 2700 block of South 14th Street .

UPDATE: Woman's death in Bosque park ruled murder

The death of Maria Victoria Serna has been ruled a murder. Preliminary autopsy results show she was killed by a gunshot wound to the head.

City of Bryan approves animal shelter contract

BRYAN -- The Bryan city council voted to put an end to all the months of negotiations and sign a new 15-year contract with the Brazos Animal Shelter.

Man arrested in home-invasion robbery

HARKER HEIGHTS -- A man from Harker Heights is in Coryell County Jail for an armed home-invasion in 2010. 23-year-old Anthony Terrell Evans was arrested Tuesday.

Frozen yogurt, a guilt free snack

COLLEGE STATION -- We may whine and moan every time we step outside and wipe the sweat from our face but one business is loving this heat and doing better than ever.

Escaped burglary suspect turns himself in

FALLS COUNTY -- An escaped burglary suspect has turned himself in to the Falls County jail a month after escaping police during an arrest.

Man arrested after attempted robbery

BRUCEVILLE -- A man is under arrest after trying to rob two people filling up at a gas station in Bruceville.

Man flees during attempted arrest

ROBINSON -- Tonight police are searching for a man who broke free while police were trying to arrest him in Robinson.

Temple likely to implement stage two water conservation

TEMPLE -- Since summer began, Temple has experienced record levels of water usage. 621,000,000 gallons just in the month of June, which is pushing the city toward mandatory water restriction.