Search for pssible drowning victim called off

BELTON -- The search for a Killeen man who possibly drowned in Lake Belton Tuesday was called off this afternoon.

Hazardous materials training exercise

COLLEGE STATION -- If you were out near Dowling Road today, you may've noticed quite a bit of activity. The College Station Fire Department is training this week.

Some rural post offices to close to help save costs

COLLEGE STATION -- Whether you're getting surprise packages in the mail or just your every day bills. The U.S. Postal Service is something we all rely on, or is it?

Two arrested in connection with Killeen cab robbery

Two men are Killeen police custody after a cab driver was robbed early Monday morning.

Fish population dwindles in drought

WACO -- What started out as a promising spring has turned into a deadly summer. John Tibbs, a biologist, said fish are now struggling with high temperatures and low water levels.

Local group discusses highway funding

WACO -- The Waco Metropolitan Planning Organization met today to discuss future highway projects and how to fund them. The MPO has received enough funds from legislators through bonds to cover three out of seven highway projects.

Handicapped veteran attacked by two dogs

WACO -- Today two dangerous dog attacks happened in Waco. First an officer was forced to shoot a pitbull charging towards him then an elderly man was also attacked by two dogs and one of them was a pit bull.

Salvation Army and Target helps students buy school supplies

BRYAN -- Just like Christmas, it's hard to avoid the back to school commercials and products lining the stores.

Navasota upgrades make it more convenient for residents

NAVASOTA -- If you travel through Navasota's downtown area, you've probably noticed it's getting a bit of a face lift.