Money headed to central Texas

WASHINGTON - Chet Edwards and other Democrats passed a bill that will be sending some money to Central Texas. The money is planned to go to 22 different projects in the district adding up to more than $22 million. No Republicans voted for the b

City giving thousands of books to children

WACO - This year's Storybook Christmas event in Waco will give almost 20,000 books to children in the city. Officials say the books will be passed out to underprivileged children throughout McLennan County in the next week. Storybook Christmas

Body found in Lake Whitney

A body found at Lake Whitney Tuesday has been identified as 20-year-old Eira Escobar, a Hillsboro woman. Police say they found the body floating near the Lake Whitney Dam. Officials say the body had visible injuries.

President unveils plan

President Obama is on the job hunt for Americans across the country. The president unveiled a series of steps he hopes will get more people back to work. They include tax cuts and credits for small businesses, along with additional investments

Man charged with sexual assault

A Waco woman has bonded out of jail after failing to report the sexual abuse of two young girls. The Waco Tribune reports the woman's live-in boyfriend, Aaron Satchel, is accused of the assaults and remains in jail.

Hutchison files for governor

WACO - Kay Bailey Hutchison officially threw her hat in the ring for texas Governor. Hutchison says if elected, she will fix the state's transportation system, address illegal immigration, and make health care more affordable.

Man seeks probation after alleged fraud

WACO - Former retirement center employee Isidro Olvera, who stole and forged checks from residents, is asking a McLennan County jury for probation. The checks totaled more than $2,000. Olvera, who was placed on misdemeanor probation after a con

Gun discovered in carry-on bag at airport

WACO - A Texas man has been arrested after officials found a pistol in his carry-on bag at the Waco Regional Airport. Officials say the suspect claimed he forgot the firearm was in his bag and the incident did not disrupt any functions at the airp

Man charged in child's death

WACO - Derrick Demond Nicholes arrested after he allegedly threw a child into a metal electrical outlet causing the child's brain to hemorrhage. Nicholes says he threw the child after he wouldn't stop crying after choking on pizza. Nicholes say

FAA investigating helicopter flyover at Baylor game

The FAA is investigating whether an area helicopter broke regulations by circling Floyd Casey Stadium during a game. The helicopter flew over the stadium during the Baylor-UT football game.