Suspect Could Face Death for Fort Hood Shooting

American-born Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan has yet to be charged but is expected to face at least 13 counts of murder

Navy to Commission Ship Built With World Trade Steel

The Navy is commissioning its newest battleship with a bow forged from steel that once held up the World Trade Center.

Ft. Hood Massacre Witnesses Tell Tales of Horror, Heroism

Many who witnessed the worst mass shooting on an American military base, allegedly at the hands of an angry Army psychiatrist, tell tales of horror and heroism from that day.

Texas Town Mourns Tragedy at Fort Hood

Like other military installations nationwide, the bonds between Fort Hood and the town at its doorstep are tight.

Florida Shooting Suspect in Police Custody

A gunman opened fire Friday in the offices of an engineering firm where he was let go more than two years ago, killing one person and injuring five others.

Waco graduate executed

WACO — Waco High School graduate Khristian Oliver has been executed for the 1998 slaying of an East Texas man. Oliver is responsible for the death of 64-year-old Joe Collins.

Troubling Portrait Emerges of Ft. Hood Rampage Suspect

His name appears on radical Internet postings. A fellow officer says he fought his deployment to Iraq and argued with soldiers who supported U.S. wars.

U.N. Refugee Budget Explodes, Costing U.S. Millions

The United Nations' refugee agency is seeing a booming budget — mostly covered by the U.S. — as the number of refugees stays the same.