City alters smoking ban

WACO — City smoking ordinances will be tighter after a vote by the Waco City Council last night. The new restrictions will remove exemptions in the current ordinance and it will prohibit smoking in new bars, but not in old ones. City

Drug Lord Pablo Escobar's Home Now a Theme Park

50,000 tourists a year come to see where "El Patron" lived

Softball Players Found Dead in Jeep Didn't See Pond

Three college softball players found dead in their Jeep after it dove into a pond on a North Dakota farm during a stargazing expedition probably drove straight into the water because they couldn't see it in the dark, authorities said Wednesday.

State ammendments vote result

UNDATED — Election results are in for the state ammendments. These are unnofficial results. Here are the latest results: ***State ammendments*** Proposition 1- For: 55.21% Against: 44.78% Precincts reported: 99.79% Proposition

Robinson to increase taxes

ROBINSON — Robinson voters narrowly approved a tax hike that would help budget shortfalls in the Robinson ISD. It would be an increase of 13 cents for every $100 dollar home valuation.

Study: H1N1 Poses 'Special Threat' to Obese People

Swine flu can cause severe disease in people of all ages and appears to pose a special threat to those who are obese, according to an analysis of H1N1 cases in California released on Tuesday.

Obama creates advisory board

WACO — Despite a turnaround in the economy, President Barack Obama says more Americans are still in need of work. Due to this need, the president has created the Economic Recovery Advisory Board. President Obama signed the executive order

H1N1 Vaccine at Gitmo?

Pentagon says Guantanamo Bay detainees will be receiving the H1N1 vaccine despite White House claim that the vaccine is not 'on the way' to naval base

Glimpse into battle over GOP's future

UNDATED — Governor’s races today in Virginia and New Jersey have been anticipated as barometers of next year’s midterm congressional elections. A U.S. House race in upstate New York may prove more meaningful.