Man in jail after beating, cutting wife

WACO -- Waco man remains in jail after beating up his wife and cutting her in front of their two small children over the weekend in Waco.

Man held in jail after strangling girlfriend

A man is being held at the Bell County Jail after being arrested today for strangling his girlfriend Saturday. 22-year-old Devion Lamone Faulkner is being held on assault charges with a $25,000 bond.

The city of Bryan considers selling golf course

BRYAN -- The Travis B. Bryan Municipal Golf Course has people talking and this isn't the first time that's happened either.

Low water, no swimming

Two of only three designated swimming areas at Lake Waco are now closed, because water levels are almost 5 and a half feet lower than usual. The boeys indicate where the designated swimming areas start and end.

Hang up and watch out for school zones

WACO -- It's that time of the year again, school is back in session which means school zone traffic laws are back in effect.

Human skull found in Temple identified

WACO -- Police have confirmed the identity of the human skull found on the side a road in Temple last week. The remains belong to Daniel Patrick Sullivan.

Gig 'Em Week kicks off the start of a new semester

COLLEGE STATION -- More than 8,000 new freshmen moved onto Texas A&M's campus yesterday.

Help your child get the nutrition they need at school

Lunch time, a time for students to recharge and refuel. But experts say some of the things found in childrens lunch boxes may not be doing the trick. But why?

Benchley woman dies after roll-over accident

BRYAN -- An accident on Highway 6 yesterday morning has left one Benchley woman dead.

Brenham resident arrested for intoxicated manslaughter

BRENHAM -- A 19 year-old Brenham resident, who is believed to be an illegal alien, is behind bars tonight after he T-boned a Ford Mustang early Sunday morning and then fled from the scene.