Gov. Perry speaks out about human trafficking

Human trafficking is a big concern in Texas.

Trial continues for a woman who left a baby in a dumpster

The trial of a woman accused to kidnapping a friend's baby and putting the child in a dumpster continues. 26-year-old Priscilla Mechell pleaded not guilty to aggravated kidnapping, but pleaded guilty to one count of abandoning a child.

McLennan Community College and Tartleton State renew their contract

Waco-- McLennan Community College and Tarleton State renewed their contract yesterday. They have made new additions to the agreement to allow more students to use the program.

UPDATE: Baylor's LaceDarious Dunn's girlfriend says injury was an accident

New details on the case of LaceDarious Dunn. He's a Baylor basketball star who reportedly punched his girlfriend in the jaw.

The city of Bellmead faces major budget cuts

Waco-- The city of Bellmead has taken tremendous budget cuts that affect all aspects of the community, specifically the police department. Police say that less crimes are now being documented, based on the new of reporting an incident.

Waco council on Sex Offender Treatment is against the Adam Walsh Act

Waco-- Waco members of the Texas Council on Sex Offender Treatment are against the Adam Walsh Act for the state of Texas.

Virulent skin germ grates on Maine lobstering isle

PORTLAND, Maine – A strain of a drug-resistant skin disease that has afflicted sports teams, prisons and military units is now proving a persistent pest among lobstermen and their families on a Maine island.

Flores weighs in on veteran's health care: gains McCain's support

When it comes to health care systems for the veterans, Flores says he wants there to be a private option.

Election coverage: Edwards weighs in

As election day approaches, candidates are making sure to get their last words in before November. We talked to Congressman Chet Edwards to see what he is doing to keep his seat.

DSHS encourages a seasonal flu shot for nearly all Texans

The Texas Department of State Health Services is urging everyone over 6 months old to get a seasonal flu shot as soon as possible.