Dems May Go It Alone on Health Plan

Emboldened by polls, Democrats move to make it a politically defining issue in the debate over medical care

U.S., Russia to Discuss Nuclear Arms Reduction Pact

The United States and Russia will hold two days of talks in Geneva this week on replacing the expiring Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty.

Brown Appeals to Iraq's Maliki Over Hostages

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown says his government has made every effort to secure the release of five British hostages held in Iraq.

Russia's Ingush Leader Critical After Bomb Attack

A homicide car bomber drove into the convoy of the president of the troubled Russian region of Ingushetia Monday and detonated the vehicle, critically wounding the president and killing or wounding others, officials said.

Water on Rails Where Freight Train Derailed Near Chicago

There was high water along the northern Illinois rail line where a freight train derailed, setting off a fiery explosion and killing one person, federal authorities said Sunday.

Apple Fans Prepared for a Part-Time Jobs

Wall Street has grappled with the implications of Jobs' illness since August 2004, when investors learned the CEO had kept a cancer diagnosis secret until after he underwent surgery.

U.S.-Iran Ties Imperiled

Chaos in Iran may ultimately crush hopes Obama has for engaging the country in near term, analysts say

Obama: U.S. Ready for North Korea

President says nation 'prepared for any contingencies,' including N. Korean missile launch toward Hawaii

Palin, Critics Spar Over Ethics

Gov. Sarah Palin says she has more than $500,000 in legal debt from political enemies' frivolous complaints