Obama Fetches Blue Dogs on Health

President to meet small group of fiscally-conscious House Democrats to seek their support on health care package

California Reaches Budget Deal

Tentative deal plugs $26 billion deficit by making hefty cuts and shifting costs into the future, but without new taxes

Fishing Industry Stung by Plague of Giant Jellyfish

They poison fish, sting humans and even attack nuclear power stations.

Japan's PM Dissolves Parliament, Calls Elections

Japan's prime minister has dissolved the powerful lower house of parliament and called national elections.

Man Tasered After Sniffing Gas Bursts in Flames

A man whose relatives say had been sniffing gasoline burst into flames after a police officer Tasered him as he ran at officials carrying a container of fuel, police said Tuesday.

U.S. Terror Reports Delayed

Task forces fail to meet schedule for recommendations on how terror suspects should be held and interrogated

Too Close to Call in 2012?

Poll shows ex-Gov. Mitt Romney tied in a mock match-up against Obama, but health care woes could sink bid

FBI: Man Wanted for 23 Bank Robberies Caught

The FBI says a bank robber known as the "Limping Bandit" has been arrested after robbing 23 banks across the Southeast.

Gingrich: U.S. on 'Edge of Catastrophe'

Ex-House speaker says government leaders are not adequately protecting the country, risking security

Mother, Children Rescued From Burning SUV

The 32-year-old woman from Tennessee was driving the SUV when it hit a tree and burst into flames, police said.