Free hotel rooms for those with loved ones in hospital on Thanksgiving

WACO -- Those who have loved ones in the hospital or other treatment centers don't have to miss out this Thanksgiving. Owners of a local hotel chain have a program that makes it affordable to see family this holiday season.

Killeen school district employee found dead

A Killeen school district employee was found dead, early Tuesday morning. A school coach discovered the body, on the campus of Ellison High School, and contacted the Killeen police department.

Traveling bed bugs during the holiday season

Nearly ten percent of all hotel rooms along I-35, through Central Texas, are infested with bed bugs.

Temple police make arrest in Satuday shooting

TEMPLE --  Temple police arrested a suspect in the shooting at a night club Saturday night.  It happened at a night club called Merl's Place on West Ave.

Waco airport soon getting full body scanners

WACO -- Waco airports will soon be getting the controversial full-body scanners that scan under the clothes for any harmful items.

Cell phone tracking devices put domestic crime victims at risk

Domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women between ages 15-44. Now, with GPS tracking devices on cell phones, these victims can be found by their abusers, down to their exact location.

Dallas woman sentencted to 59 years in federal prison on multiple charges

A Dallas woman was sentenced in Waco's federal court on Monday, for drug, money laundering and firearm charges. Marisela Villa, a 22 year old from Dallas, shot a Dallas SWAT team member, during a drug raid in 2007.

Woman pleaded guilty to stealing money from local church

A woman pleaded guilty Monday, to a theft for more than 100,000 dollars, from St. Jerome Catholic Church.

Alan Jackson to receive greatest hits award

Country music superstar Alan Jackson has been tapped to receive the Greatest Hits Award at the AMERICAN COUNTRY AWARDS.

Fill up on safety this Thanksgiving

DPS is urging Texas motorists to put safety first on the menu while traveling this Thanksgiving weekend.