Student's Flu Death Raises Concerns at U.S. Colleges

The death of a college student from the flu has raised the alarm at universities throughout the country as the nation gears up for what is predicted to be a brutal flu season.

Higher prices on smokeless tobacco

Another new law in Texas is chewing at the wallets of some people.

Bank to Armless Man: No Thumbs, No Check-Cashing

A Florida man born without arms says a Tampa bank would not let him cash a check because he couldn't provide a thumbprint.

Study: H1N1 Dominates Other Flu Strains

Put swine flu in a room with other strains of influenza and it doesn't mix into a new superbug — it takes over, researchers reported Tuesday.

Giant Blaze Outside L.A. Portends Raging Fire Season

The worst fires typically flare up in the fall, when ferocious Santa Ana winds can drive fires out of wilderness areas and into suburbs.

Popular Arab TV Program Exposes the Real Al Qaeda

"Death Making" the TV program on the pan-Arabic satellite channel Al Arabiya reveals the real side of Al Qeada and its foot soldiers.

Group: Court Erred in Removing Girl from Home School

A New Hampshire court's decision to order a 10-year-old home-schooled girl to attend public school is coming under attack from some social conservatives and religious-freedom advocates.

CIA: No More Airing Secrets

Agency defies court deadline, saying it can't turn over more interrogation papers without spilling classified info

New state laws take effect in Texas today

Several new texas laws are taking effect today. Some of the new laws include no talking on cell phones in school zones, and everyone in the car must be wearing a seat belt at all times. Officials say that law is one of the most important, becau