Obama, Aretha Franklin give emotional tribute to Eric Holder

The White House celebrated the upcoming departure of Eric Holder on Friday night in a ceremony that brought tears to President Barack Obama's eyes and featured Aretha Franklin literally singing the attorney general's praises.

U.S. suspects accused of sending military supplies to terrorists in Syria, Iraq

Six suspects linked to terrorist activity referred to Syria and Iraq as "the beach," and used other coded language on social media to avoid detection in the United States, authorities say.

Perry pushes ground troops in ISIS fight

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry says he would send American troops to the Middle East to combat Islamic State fighters who he called "the face of evil."

Hill rushes to meet DHS deadline

House leaders are planning to vote Friday night on a bill that would keep the agency funded for one week.

Group announces helpline created for troubled atheists

The man on the line sounds nervous. He's been a Christian for 20 years but can't believe in the Bible anymore. He hasn't told his friends or family and still sits, uneasy, in church each Sunday.

Viral Photos: Brothers redo childhood pics 30 years later

Remember posing with your brother or sister in those awkward matching outfits as a kid? We've all been there.

Scientists discover black hole 12 billion times bigger than the sun

Researchers in China have spotted a supermassive black hole, which they say is 12 billion times the size of the sun and formed around 900 million years after the Big Bang.

Amid killings and kidnappings, can Christianity survive in the Middle East?

Christianity was born in Bethlehem, in what's now the West Bank. It took root among people like the Assyrians, who flourished in ancient Mesopotamia.

Astronaut finds water in helmet after seven-hour spacewalk

NASA astronaut Terry Virts found a small amount of water in his helmet after a spacewalk this week, but it did not put him in any danger or interfere with his duties. Virts said he first noticed traces of fluid and dampness in his helmet Wednesday

Girl's police call exposes trail of death: 7 killed in 4 Missouri homes

A small Missouri town's discovery that a gunman killed seven people and injured another Thursday night began when a girl managed to flee a residence where she heard gunfire. She ran to a neighbor's house and called police, say investigators in