Death toll in India temple stampede rises to 112

The death toll in a weekend stampede outside a temple in central India has risen to 112, and more than 100 others are injured, authorities said. The stampede happened Sunday on a bridge over the Sindh River in Ratangarh, where pilgrims were headed

Malala to Obama: Drone strikes 'fueling terrorism'

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The "Bravest Girl in the World" has stood up to President Barack Obama. Malala Yousafzai, the 16-year-old shot by the Taliban for promoting girl's education in her native Pakistan, confronted Obama at the White House on Friday

Israel says it's found tunnel from Gaza

JERUSALEM (CNN) -- A tunnel from Gaza into Israel was discovered by the Israeli military last week, the Israel Defense Forces said Sunday.

Texas flooding minor so far, but more rain expected after Sunday's downpours

Officials in central and southern Texas are worried about how much more rain will flow into streams and rivers after huge downpours on Sunday. More than five inches of rain fell Sunday in Austin, and the National Weather Service reported 12 inches

Computer failure halts some food stamp payments

A computer failure halted the processing of food stamp purchases in parts of the country Saturday, a Xerox spokeswoman confirmed. A system shutdown began at 11 a.m. ET Saturday, spokeswoman Karen Arena said.

Congress cuts town despite no deal to end shutdown

And on the twelfth day, Congress rested. Despite the continuing government shutdown and the looming debt limit, many members of Congress headed out of town Saturday for the Columbus Day weekend.

Intoxicated man found sleeping in back of stranger’s vehicle

A 22-year-old man was arrested after he was found “cuddled up and sleeping” in the back of a vehicle that was not his.

Breaking Bad: Walter White's tighty whiteys go for $10,000

One super fan must be going through serious Breaking Bad withdrawal, because someone shelled out nearly $10,000 for a pair of Walter White's tighty-whiteys.

Prize-winning rabbit allegedly stolen from 8 year-old disabled girl

A fun trip to the Southern New Mexico State Fair took an unexpected turn for the Francis family from El Paso, and now they're asking for the community's help finding a missing loved one.

A slur or term of 'honor'? Controversy heightens about Washington Redskins

It's one of the NFL's bigger rivalries, the Cowboys vs. the Redskins.