Nutella-gate! Columbia students swipe pounds of popular spread from cafeteria

When students trade their high school diplomas for college dorm rooms, friends and family wish them luck and tell them to enjoy their new-found freedom by "going nuts." But while most students blow off steam by partying until the wee hours of the mor

'Forgotten' inmate gets $15.5 million settlement from N.M. county

Stephen Slevin's 22 months in solitary confinement in a county jail left him traumatized and physically weak, but he'll soon be a multimillionaire for his suffering.

Justin Bieber 'woozy' at London concert, checked at hospital

Pop singer Justin Bieber was checked at a London hospital Thursday night after feeling ill during a concert at the O2 Arena, his representative said.

Crumb stars suggest Milky Way was cannibalistic

Billions of years after going on a cannibalistic binge, our own Milky Way galaxy has been implicated by the stale crumbs it left behind.

Leaders arrive for Chavez funeral

Leaders from all over the world were in Venezuela Friday for the funeral of Hugo Chavez, joining a nation that continued to mourn.

North Korea vows end to nonaggression pacts after U.N. vote

North Korea on Friday responded to tougher sanctions from the U.N. Security Council with another barrage of vitriol, repeating a vow to ditch all nonaggression pacts with the South.

Malaysia rejects clan leader's call for cease-fire in Sabah as death toll rises

A Philippine clan leader's bizarre attempt to revive the territorial claims of a defunct Islamic sultanate on the island of Borneo appears to be falling apart. With his followers engaged in a deadly game of cat and mouse with Malaysian security fo

Furloughs bite for customs workers

The U.S. government on Thursday notified 60,000 federal workers responsible for securing borders and facilitating trade that they will face furloughs due to government-wide spending cuts.

Asteroid to fly past Earth this weekend

An asteroid the size of a city block will pass by Earth this weekend, but have no fear: There's no danger of it hitting our planet.

Navasota house fire kills elderly man

Now that the flames are out and the smoke has cleared, ashes and rubble are all that remain of this home off Chinski Street in Navasota.