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Waco PD searching for credit union robbery suspect

The Waco Police Department is searching for a man who allegedly robbed a local credit union on Monday morning.

For 209 teenagers, this summer is all about making a difference in Waco, TX, July 8-13, 2013

WACO, TX, JULY 8-13, 2013– More than 16,000 students made a decision to pay money out of their own pockets in order to help improve living conditions of people across the United States and Canada.

Baton Rouge Zoo continues search for Bald Eagle

Baton Rouge, LA (WVLA) -- The irony that a symbol of America went missing the day before the nation's birthday does not escape officials at the Baton Rouge Zoo. "That point has certainly not been lost on anyone," Kaki Heiligenthal, Director of Mar

FBI: Man asked for hush money, or else he'd reveal 'damning' info on Deen

FBI agents on Friday morning arrested a 62-year-old man who, they say, tried to extort Paula Deen by threatening to divulge "true and damning" information about the embattled celebrity chef -- unless he was paid to keep quiet. Thomas George Paculi

'Food on a diet' helps couple drop pounds

Kay and Mike Alexander's journey to obesity is a familiar road for many married couples. Neither was overweight when they met on a coffee break at work.

Andy Murray could make $20 million a year

LONDON (CNNMoney) -- Andy Murray is set to win big from sponsorships and endorsement deals after becoming the first British tennis player in 77 years to win the prestigious Wimbledon men's championship. The Scottish tennis professional is likely t

Alleged victim in 50 Cent's domestic violence case is model, actress

LOS ANGELES (CNN) -- The Los Angeles woman whom rapper 50 Cent is accused of kicking in a domestic violence incident is a model and an actress who had a part in a "Pirates of the Caribbean" film, her representative told CNN Friday. Daphne Joy, who

Ambulance gets stuck in sinkhole in downtown KC

Kansas City, MO (KCTV) -- Paramedics walked out to their ambulance stuck in a sinkhole in downtown Kansas City Friday afternoon. "The ambulance was basically parked on Walnut just south of 11th Street.

14 boats catch fire near Lake Union just prior to fireworks

Seattle, WA (KCPQ) -- A firework from a nearby hill may have sparked a blaze that damaged 14 boats at a Lake Union marina Thursday night. The fire was sparked in a single boat at 10 p.m., just before a yearly fireworks show near Gas Works park was

Upstate family honors military son with message mowed into lawn

Townville, SC (WHNS) -- An Upstate family is honoring their son, who is joining the Army, with a unique display in their front yard. The Kellett Family's son, Samuel, will report to basic training on Monday. Samuel Kellett's proud father, Dan,