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FOX Announces Season Finale and Summer Premiere Dates

FOX is announcing season finale dates and premiere dates for its summer programs.

Bellmead man arrested for car jacking SUV at knife point

Bellmead police have arrested a Bellmead man accused of stealing a vehicle at knife point. Gerald Wayne Harvey, 41, was arrested Thursday.

Cardinals look to future after Benedict's exit

ROME (CNN) -- With the dust still settling from Benedict XVI's historic resignation as pope, the focus in Rome turns to the future Friday as Roman Catholic cardinals prepare to meet to discuss a timetable for picking the new pontiff.

Countdown to spending cuts: A matter of hours

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- With no deal in place in Congress, $85 billion in sweeping federal spending cuts will take effect Friday, targeting everything, from defense to education.

Judge orders Fort Hood shooter to stand trial in 3 months

(CNN) -- An Army psychiatrist accused of opening fire and killing 13 people at Fort Hood, Texas, will begin trial proceedings in three months, a military judge ruled.

Arizona governor on ICE release: 'Outrageous' and 'appalling'

(CNN) -- Two outspoken Arizona voices against illegal immigration blasted federal authorities' recent release of hundreds of undocumented immigrants because of the impending federal spending cuts.

U.S. military clears F-35 Joint Strike Fighter to fly

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The U.S. military cleared the F-35 fighter jet to fly again after the fleet of jets were temporarily grounded.

Florida man swallowed by sinkhole feared dead

(CNN) -- The ground just swallowed him up. A Florida man lying in bed fell into a sinkhole that opened suddenly beneath the bedroom of his suburban Tampa home, calling out to his brother for help as he fell, a fire department spokeswoman said Frid

Las Vegas shooting, crash suspect nabbed week later in L.A.

(CNN) -- One week after an all-too-real scene befitting a movie played out on the famed Las Vegas Strip -- a pre-dawn shooting that sparked a deadly, fiery crash -- the man authorities suspect started it all is finally under arrest.

Police make arrest in death of Mississippi mayoral candidate

(CNN) -- Authorities in Mississippi are being tight-lipped about the death of a mayoral candidate and the arrest of a man found alone in the candidate's damaged SUV.