Teenager charged in Temple murder case

Temple Police have released the identity of a teenager they believe to be responsible for the murder of a 34-year-old Temple man.

Wounded Iraq War Veteran reports wife to Feds for fraud

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) -- There was a homecoming, Tuesday, for a wounded warrior, who's battle had yet to end.

Scan may detect signs of NFL players' brain disease

LOS ANGELES (CNN) -- An insidious, microscopic protein that has been found in the brain tissue of professional football players after death may now be detectable in living people by scanning their brains.

The laptop/tablet hybrid will never work

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- When Microsoft introduced Windows 8, its goals were ambitious: a single operating system for both computer and tablet.

Southwest charges extra to board first

CNN) -- Want to be the first to board a Southwest Airlines flight? It'll cost you.

Cameron promises referendum on Britain's place in Europe

LONDON (CNN) -- British Prime Minister David Cameron promised Wednesday that a vote would be held on Britain's membership in the European Union, if his party wins the next election in 2015.

Israeli polls: Netanyahu's party wins, but suffers a setback

JERUSALEM (CNN) -- A surprisingly strong showing by centrists in Israel's national election tempered a narrow majority won by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's party.

Clinton says Benghazi attack part of broader North Africa challenge

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Last September's terrorist attack in Libya that killed the U.S.

Hillary Clinton's campaign debt finally paid off

(CNN) -- More than four years after suspending her 2008 presidential bid, now-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has finally paid off her campaign debt. Clinton's presidential organization spent the final day of 2012 paying down the remaining debt

Boehner announces goal of balancing budget in 10 years

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- House Speaker John Boehner announced Tuesday that he supports a plan to balance the federal budget in 10 years, a goal that could require massive cuts to spending or major reforms to entitlement programs.