Second autopsy awaits Boston bombing suspect

For nearly two weeks, Tamerlan Tsarnaev's body lay unclaimed at the Boston medical examiner's office. A funeral home now has the remains and a quest is underway to find him a resting place in Massachusetts.

Special needs girl is voted prom queen

Prom night is a big deal for many high school students but it's extra special for one special needs student in Kentucky. Her classmates voted her prom queen and gave her an unforgettable night.

Weather improves, but California wildfire still threatens 4,000 homes

Firefighters and homeowners were anxiously awaiting to learn Saturday whether the emergence of cool ocean breezes and possible rain will weaken a Los Angeles-area wildlfire that has burned 28,000 acres in two days and now threatens 4,000 homes.

2016 watch: Biden, Cruz headline events in South Carolina

While the countdown to the next presidential election has already begun with talk of potential contenders, it felt like the 2016 drumroll picked up a little more speed Friday night in South Carolina.

World's top five fishing holidays

Silently huddled on the water's edge, waiting hours on end for a hint of action, may not be everyone's idea of a pleasurable pastime. But the joy of fishing -- much like its catch -- comes in many shapes and sizes.

Gun control in crosshairs at NRA convention

Within minutes of the National Rifle Association's opening forum at their annual meeting this weekend, the group's leaders went after gun control proposals and advocates who sought to expand tougher firearm laws following the deadly New

GRAPHIC VIDEO: Shootout occurs during routine traffic stop

WARNING: This video may not be suitable for all viewers. On Sunday, March 10, around 6:00 p.m., Middlefield Police Officers in Ohio, pulled over James Gilkerson, 42.

Aggies thrilled about Kyle Field's redevelopment

After months of speculation, the wait is finally over and Aggie fans everywhere now know what Kyle Field will look like. "It's going to be a beautiful stadium, oh my goodness," said A&M sophomore, David Sargent.

Waco Convention Center to host 'Nat'l Travel & Tourism Week' event

The 30th annual National Travel and Tourism Week will take place across the country May 4-12.