REPORT: FEMA refuses to provide aid to West, Texas after plant explosion

Media reports are stating Governor Rick Perry received a letter from the Federal Emergency Management Agency saying they are not going to provide money to assist in rebuilding a Central Texas town that was ripped apart by a fertilizer plant exp

In between back flips and splits, naked man assaults passengers at train station

A glistening man with a wild head of hair turns fare gates into balance beams at a San Francisco subway station, stretching and doing back flips buck-naked.

Girl to get long-awaited lung transplant

Sarah Murnaghan, a 10-year-old Pennsylvania girl with cystic fibrosis whose family fought to have her prioritized for adult organs, is getting a new set of lungs, her family told CNN Wednesday. Murnaghan was in surgery in the morning.

CTX man who owed fines to animal shelters steals dog

A Bellmead man has been arrested for stealing his dog from an animal shelter. Michael Wade Fredrich, 27, was arrested for stealing his dog after failing to pay over $150 to a local animal shelter.

Paddling at TN school ends with student taken to hospital

Erin (WSMV) -- A fifth-grader from Henry County received injuries after a paddling at his school so severe that a deputy recommended his parents take him to the emergency room, according to a report obtained by the Channel 4 I-Team.

Fewer smiley faces as LEGO figures fight

LONDON (CNNMoney) -- Forget about those happy LEGO characters from your childhood.

After the crash: Driver's license, registration, cellphone, please

You've been in an accident. The police officer goes through the normal drill, asking for your license and registration. Then she goes a step further. "Could I have your cellphone, please?" she says.

Hepatitis A cases rising; frozen fruit suspected

A hepatitis A outbreak linked to a frozen fruit mix commonly used in smoothies has grown over the past week, from 34 to 87 reported cases, health officials said.

Hasan court martial stalled over issue of attorney's role

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Selection of the jury panel for Maj. Nidal Hasan's court-martial was supposed to start last week, but the process has been stalled over issues surrounding his plan to act as his own attorney.

Princeton University evacuated after bomb threat; campus reopens 8 hours later

Princeton University ordered the evacuation of its campus for some eight hours Tuesday after "a bomb threat to multiple unspecified campus buildings," the school said on its website.